The Arts Center has four core aims: 1) in terms of arts education, the Center works to promote diverse and educationally-enriching humanity and arts-related programs in association with the general education course offered by the University. 2) to invite professional artists to campus and host lectures on the humanities and arts. 3) hold campus art festivals annually and invite professional artists to give performances or exhibitions, such as concerts, dance, theater, master lectures, gallery shows, design exhibitions, calligraphy exhibitions and so on; to hold nonscheduled seminars, conferences and video viewing events which give both faculty members and students opportunities to discuss issues related to the arts and humanities. 4) in terms of spatial design on campus, to assist in the establishment of exhibition areas for public art projects; to provide a video library, journals, and publications related to the performing arts and literature; to coach the development of in-campus artistic affairs and collect both domestic and international arts information for reference purposes; to engage both faculty members and students in arts activities and enthusiastically promote the arts and arts education for the whole community.